Planning, production and sales of e-books

About Us

We do the marketing planning and production of e-book

  • Also in Japan to foreign countries, there are many talented writers is full of enthusiasm.
  • Unfortunately, their author or publisher is blocked by a wall of ready-made systems,
  • You currently do not have a chance to see the light of day just because.
  • In order to overcome such situation, e-borders in the form of cheap book,
  • Provide readers with a work of writers from around the world.

Spirit of enterprise ”Ars longa, vita brevis"

  • ”Ars longa, vita brevis"
  • While the life of human beings is limited and short, great art remains after the creator’s death, influencing people and their lives. We at ArsLonga Inc. wish to create works of art that reflect the times in which they were created but which transcend them. Unaffected by trends in traditional, book-bound publishing; beyond borders of race, age, nationality, or gender, the key concept of ArsLonga Inc. is the fierce desire to present the uninhibited voices of world writers to as many interested readers as possible.


  • Electronic book publishing
    • Sales Planning
  • Rights Management Services
    • Copyright Agent (Domestic and Overseas)
  • Translation service
    • English-Japanese, Japanese-English translation
  • Human Resources Services
    • Translator training, English lessons


President : Junko Kikuchi